Message from a Digital Native

Giving advice and taking it to heart oneself as well! ...
Person paying contactless with for coffee and french macaroons

Potential Consequences of Cashless Switzerland

For various reasons, certain voices regularly call for the abolition of cash in Switzerland. What would be the consequences of this radical demand? First of all: The Swiss love ...
Alumni des LaMA Alumnivereins beim Unternehmensbesuch

Industry 4.0, LaMa Alumni Event

A short insight into the Law & Management Alumni Event ...

Have you ever illustrated “market” before?

The fourth and final part of the story of Econvillage100. Co-Author: Dr. Carolin Güssow Markets are omnipresent. Not a day goes by in which we do not buy something (and in which ...

The anonymous Econvillage100 system of nobody and its development

Co-author: Dr. Carolin Güssow Third part of the story of Econvillage100. The residents of Econvillage100 have therefore decided that there should no longer be a central planner.
Analog Timepiece by Loic Djim on Unsplash

Is digitalisation accelerating structural change in the Swiss legal market?

Digitalisation is affecting the Swiss legal sector very unevenly, and more so than one would expect at first sight.

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