7. May 2018

A new website – the long way that has been worth it

Mission accomplished! Or not, after all? I think that nowadays, a good corporate homepage has to be checked on an almost daily basis and that adaptations are always required. Nonetheless, there was such a date when I felt hugely elated and when my beaming face was a token of relief and pride at the same time.

On 8 January 2018, we launched the new website for the Law & Management team, and our hard work was made available to the general public at the push of the reset button at last. What in technical terms is a small job – the IP address must be adapted on the University’s homepage – was a big step for me and our entire team – a big step into the modern future.

The whole thing started almost a year earlier. We needed a new homepage, our website had become obsolete, the page had only partially been translated into English, and we won’t even speak about the layout. But where should we start and what would we like to change? What do our clients and visitors expect? What information is important for our future executive education participants? How will we manage to appear human and likeable in spite of the machine? In order to be able to answer those questions, and many more to boot, we depended on a competent, reliable and creative partner. We felt we were in good hands with the Zeughaus agency, to whom I would like to extend our thanks on this occasion. Cooperation was and still is great, and we had the fixed target always in our sights.

When it came to editing the many texts and think of all the details, I always depended on the great support provided by my team. Furthermore, I tried to change perspectives all the time, to assume an outsider’s viewpoint and to free myself of inside knowledge and operational blindness. This was not always easy, and there were a number of setbacks and further stumbling blocks that had to be removed. The possibilities for a new website are almost unlimited. I was fascinated by the programmer’s work, but it was precisely this which turned out to be a challenge time and again. Many navigation variants are a matter of opinion and subjectively better than others – or are we just used to them from other websites? What’s right and what’s wrong? Is there a right and wrong in the first place? We had to make some compromises – in the team, too – to ensure that, if possible, everybody would find their way about our new website, which should also become highly visible (as the saying goes).

This was a great challenge for me and an exciting time during which I gained a great deal of valuable experience. And it’s going on! At the moment we are busy shooting more video clips, extending the blog continually and testing the website for its user-friendliness. Also, new marketing activities for our executive education programmes for lawyers and corporate managers, people interested in compliance or negotiators are always linked up with the main instrument – our website. The (long) way has been worth it! Probably a project for life, or when will we relaunch our whole website again?

I am delighted if you spend some time on our website and are interested in our various executive education programmes at the interface between law and business.

But I’d also be grateful for any constructive feedback. After all, live and learn!


Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

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