Prof. Dr. Bruno

Vice Director of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St.Gallen, Director of the executive programme for lawyers “Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG)”, attorney at law, lecturer and author dealing with various topics at the intersection of law and management.

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascellos Veröffentlichungen bei Vista

Hourly fees and alternative forms of remuneration for lawyers – it’s not either/or!

On 30 October 2019, 60 legal experts met at the fully booked “The future of the legal market” conference to deal with the topic of “Hourly fees – a dinosaur?” The ...
Portrait Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello

New video series (vlog) about topics related to Legal Management (“B1 series”)

The legal market is constantly changing. All legal service providers – be it law firms, legal departments or alternative legal service providers – are equally affected by ...
Compliance Concept with Wooden Blocks

Effective compliance is contingent on the knowledge of the applicable rules. But is that all?

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello speaks about the successful implementation of compliance. But what exactly does this mean? What do we have to bear in mind, and how do I communicate the ...
Anwälte als Risiko- und Krisenmanager

Are Lawyers Risks and Crisis Managers?

Lawyers in legal departments and law firms like to refer to themselves as risk and crisis managers. But is it sufficient to be consulted in order to clarify legal questions when ...
Group of people on peak mountain climbing helping team work , travel trekking success business concept

Relationship of trust with lawyers obsolescent?

The relationship of trust with one’s lawyer – often invoked and misunderstood. But precisely this relationship could provide the basis for a business strategy enabling a law ...
HSG Biberli

Corporate Counsel’s Day 2018

Last week’s Corporate Counsel’s Day focused on innovation and digitalization in legal departments. A line-up of twelve speakers from the UK, Germany and Switzerland openly ...
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Young lawyers’ greed – or merely law firms’ lack of imagination?

Hardly any profession other than lawyers makes their law firm partners’ salaries and turnover figures publicly available in rankings. And this also applies to the lowest-rung ...
Abschlussklasse der DAV Trainer am 1. März 2018

Pilot concept for modern law firm management for small law firms

For reasons of time or financial resources, small law firms often lack the opportunity to acquire an extensive knowledge of modern law firm management or to discuss this issue ...
Waves by Peter Chamberlain on Unsplash

How Law Firms and Legal Departments Could Survive the Next Wave

There is no doubt anymore, the legal market is faced with new challenges, some of which include digitalization and LegalTech. But what does this mean for today’s legal services ...