Dr. Tobias

Tobias Trütsch is responsible for the programme area Economics at the Executive School. His research interest lies with payment and monetary economy, focusing especially on innovative payment methods and individual payment behaviour.

Dr. Tobias Trütschs Veröffentlichungen bei Vista

Mobile Payment

“Mobile payment” favours indebtedness

Innovative payment methods with smartphones such as Twint, Apple Pay or Google Pay simplify making payments. The probability of overspending increases and so does the risk of ...
Person paying contactless with for coffee and french macaroons

Potential Consequences of Cashless Switzerland

For various reasons, certain voices regularly call for the abolition of cash in Switzerland. What would be the consequences of this radical demand? First of all: The Swiss love ...
Contactless payment system with mobile phone

Will a cashless society soon become reality in Switzerland?

The latest data on payment behaviour from China is eye-opening: in June 2010 a total of 61 per cent of all purchases were made with cash and 36 per cent with bank cards, while ...
Building Switzerland

Location disadvantages for SME in the Swiss machine industry?

Accounting for about one-fifth of value created, the machine industry plays a key role in the Swiss economy. SME represent the backbone of the industry. Under the title ...
Notenhaufen 10er, 20er, 50er, VS_RS; Source: Swiss National Bank

The new 10-franc note – why is Switzerland’s relationship to its bank notes so unique?

The Swiss franc enjoys cult status. Tobias Trütsch on the euphoria about the new 10-franc note and the significance of cash in Switzerland.