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Every company can be the target of a cyber attack

The week-long course on “Cyber Security for Executives” took place for the first time in January 2022. Samir Aliyev, programme director at the University of St.Gallen, had ...

Is your company protected against cyber attacks?

Statistics provide clear evidence: one in four Swiss firms has already fallen victim to a cyber attack. What advice does an expert from the University of St.Gallen give, and why ...

Law and Management (LAM) – from the foundation to the handover and beyond

At the end of March, Bruno Mascello will succeed Leo Staub as Academic Director of the Law and Management Division of the University of St.Gallen’s Executive School. Leo Staub ...
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A new website – the long way that has been worth it

Mission accomplished! Or not, after all? I think that nowadays, a good corporate homepage has to be checked on an almost daily basis and that adaptations are always required.