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The Innovation Loop: Learn to teach to learn to teach… OR How Covid-19 brought the future to the present

When you start a new job even an excel sheet raises dopamine levels. For our ever-curious human brain, “new” equals exciting. That’s how it felt when I first set foot at the ...

Work life 2020 B.C. (Before Corona)

Home Office for everyone. The internet is flooded with HOW to do it right. But WHAT is to be done right? ...

Odd Trends in Digital Transformation in 2020

We change devices, we change platforms, we change workplaces... and the digital transformation accompanies us on every single step of this journey! ...
Web Summit 2019

The problem is not Data Protection, it is Data Collection! – Web Summit 2019

To keep up with the newest trends in the world of tech, sustainability and business, the Executive School of the University St. Gallen attended the Web Summit 2019. Here you can ...

Are diversity and inclusion still a thing? Sadly yes.

The Executive School visited the "Inclusive Leadership Event - Is the workplace a level playing field?" to get the latest insights into the research and discussion into this most ...

Do you want to fail?

How to engage startups in sensible projects, like governmental ones, where risk is not to be taken lightly? And what does that have to do with creating a Silicon Valley in the ...

Web Summit 2018

The Executive School visited this year's Web Summit in Portugal to stay on pulse about Technology and its repercussions in politics, ethics and business.

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies: Out of the hype into the fire

For many these three words mean the same thing: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Distributed Ledgers. In the end it is all the same right? Therefore they will all disappear ...
Looking at the world through a lens by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Globalisation and the 300 of Sparta

The Executive School of the University of St. Gallen just launched the Spotlights webinar series, where current themes are brought to the public in an interactive manner.
Castle Vaduz, Vaduz, Liechtenstein by Henrique Ferreira

Level-headed Digitalization

Disruption, Turmoil and the end of all that is. Typical words to describe digitalization. Meanwhile a more sober approach was presented last Wednesday during Liechtensteins ...
Mature engineer set up GPU mining rig for cryptocurrency

Blockchain Jargon (II): Quantum Resistance and ASICs

Whatever happens with cryptocoins, blockchains are still seen as the technology of the future. And in the future we will have quantum computers, how does that play out? And what ...
Two children enjoying their own home-made virtual reality. Picture: RichVintage on Istockphotos

Virtual, Augmented, Visual Realities: LearnTEC 2018

The Executive School of the University of St. Gallen went to the biggest European digital learning fair: LearnTEC.
Golden Bitcoin with forks

Blockchain Jargon (I): Smart Contracts, Forks, FUDs

Terms like blockchain and cryptocurrencies already baffle many... and yet a number of new, related terms pop up in the internet discussion: smart contracts, forks, proofs, fuds.
Prepare hot air balloon

The leveling uses of e-learning

E-Learning proparatory modules can be a great help to courses with a very heterogeneous student composition. By assessing and improving upon participants' needed skills, teachers ...

State of the Nation: Online Learning (2017)

Executive education is not exempt from the digital push. What is the state of the online learning industry in 2017? ...

Online Learning 101

E-Learning, MOOCs, interactive content, blended learning. These words populate modern learning discussion since the early 2000s. Yet there are still misconceptions over what ...