Martina is responsible for all public relations activities at the Executive School.

Before joining ES-HSG, she worked as a PR consultant and communications specialist. She is a graduate of the University of St.Gallen and holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Governance (M.A. HSG).

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Young Generation, Digital, Mobil

How to: Generation Z for Leaders

Generation Z, Generation Greta or Post Millennials born in or after 1997 are gradually entering the labour market. What does that mean for companies, for employers, for ...
Gudrun Sander und Patricia Widmer


It is with mixed feelings that we bid adieu to Gudrun Sander, who is leaving the Executive School after 14 years. From now on, Patricia Widmer will be responsible for executive ...

The future wealth management

Wealth management is facing an increasingly complex market and growing regulatory challenges. The COVID crisis has increased the drive for digitalisation, confronted customer ...

The legal market post-corona

The first easements of the lockdown have started. What will life after corona look like? We asked Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello for an assessment of the post-corona legal market.

Beyond Leadership – a new leadership concept

Respect, trust and appreciation are the three core values of a successful leadership concept in agile organizations. They create psychological security, which is an important ...

Leaders in a call to action

A dialogue with Dr. Bettina Hartmann, Director of Foresense, on sustainability and responsibility. Foresense, an innovative new programme at the Executive School of the University ...

Challenge Business Transformation

Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger supports companies in transition and gives tips on how to find their way out of the "digital transformers’ dilemma". The right strategy helps ...

The influence of social media on political events

Digitalisation is shaping broad areas of our daily life and is also acquiring influence in the political sphere. In doing so, this form of communication impacts social networks ...
Superwoman Picture. Source: Istockphotos

Women’s Perspective on Leadership and Career Growth

Obstacles on the career path and how to overcome them successfully; this was the focus of the Women's Event at the Executive School of HSG. In presentations by well-known female ...
For Women

“Women hold up half the sky” – Developments since the first Women’s Strike

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander, 30 years at the HSG, 30 years of work for equality – here in a personal interview. She has already achieved much at the University of St.Gallen and is ...
Strassentafel Karriere oder Familie

Career and family – that’s (not) possible!

Patricia Widmer, Head of the Women Back to Business Programme, wanted to reconcile career and family. She tells us here how she did it and what challenges she met.
Bruno Mascello

10 Questions for Professor Dr. Bruno Mascello

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello, attorney at law, LL.M., EMBA HSG), was appointed by the Faculty of Law, University of Saint Gallen, Adjunct Professor of Business Law and Legal ...

Triumph of Diversity – Better decisions thanks to Business Transformation

Interview with Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger and Patricia Widmer ...