Dr. Patricia

Programme Head "Women Back to Business"

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Job interview

How to bypass the AI recruitment tool

What does the ideal career look like for you? Perhaps entering the workforce, gaining experience, and then taking on a leadership role between 30 and 40? That's what the ideal ...

The Power of Networking in the Pursuit of Gender Equality

Women continue to be under-represented in leadership positions and there are many reasons for this. On one hand, companies could take targeted measures to advance gender equality.

Closing the Gender Gap at the Top with Mentoring

The topic of gender equality in organizations continues to be discussed in a variety of ways. In principle, the proportion of both sexes in the overall population is very ...

Seize the opportunity!

Case numbers, R-value, number of free hospital beds - for more than a year we have been hearing about them almost daily. We hear less often about the numbers and developments on ...

Mentoring – Sponsoring – Coaching: What are the differences?

Whether it involves advancing one’s own career or a company wanting to further develop its employees, sponsoring, mentoring and coaching are essential. The aim of each of these ...

Plan vs. Reality – From Career Planning to Career Implementation

The traditional career plan – does it still exist today? Now more than ever in the current situation, staying flexible and finding one’s own path is essential. Therefore, the ...
Businesswoman leading a meeting in the boardroom. Sydney, Australia. By Istockphotos

Promoting Women for 10 years: Women Back to Business

The University of St.Gallen has been collaborating with large Swiss companies for the past ten years to offer the successful executive education programme in management «Women ...