Prof. Dr. Gudrun

Director for Diversity and Management Programmes

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Verify, but trust.

Our daily work routine is upside down. Many employees are now working from home and must somehow cope with a new and uncertain reality. This also poses a challenge for ...

Diversity pays – both economically and socially

Economic sustainability was long the most important pillar of the sustainability concept. With the popularity of diversity management, the social aspect of sustainability is also ...
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No name, no age, no photo – Are anonymised applications beneficial?

Job ads for sought-after positions can easily generate over 100 applications. HR departments are required to put together a pool of interesting applicants within a very short ...
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Wage discrimination starts with recruitment

Conscious or unconscious wage discrimination is the case, if wage differences cannot be explained plausibly using appropriate criteria. Although wage discrimination can occur over ...

10 Years, 1 Celebration, 1 Magazine. Women Back to Business: A Success Story

Ten years ago, the executive education programme in management «Women Back to Business» was launched. Since then, numerous women have successfully reentered the workforce thanks ...

Who will lead Swiss business in the future? Results of the Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report presented at the 2nd Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Studies show that companies with diverse teams are more successful. This is one reason why the organisation “Advance Women in Swiss Business” is committed to substantially ...
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Summary of the Women Back to Business Evaluation 2017

The Swiss federal and cantonal governments invest billions of francs annually in the tertiary education of women. Since 2008, more women have acquired their education at a ...
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Why salary analyses make sense

The fact that equal pay should be awarded for identical and equivalent work is largely undisputed in Switzerland. So why do we continue to find inexplicable differences between ...
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Young women don’t want to work in the financial sector

But why? A survey-based study sought to answer this question.