Prof. Dr. Johannes

Johannes Binswanger’s teaching and research focus is on how to make good decisions in firms and politics in today’s economic world. He teaches the Economics module in the Executive MBA program at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law.

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Unternehmen & KI

Why managers need to understand AI

In an AI project, there are several decisions that have a significant influence on the business` result. These should not be left exclusively to data specialists. Executives need ...

Are you already investing in Artificial Intelligence?

The field of artificial intelligence has developed enormously over the last ten years. However, studies confirm that managers often lack of understanding basic concepts of machine ...

Have you ever illustrated “market” before?

The fourth and final part of the story of Econvillage100. Co-Author: Dr. Carolin Güssow Markets are omnipresent. Not a day goes by in which we do not buy something (and in which ...

The anonymous Econvillage100 system of nobody and its development

Co-author: Dr. Carolin Güssow Third part of the story of Econvillage100. The residents of Econvillage100 have therefore decided that there should no longer be a central planner.
Ausgangslage Econvillage by Corinne Bromundt

The history of Econvillage and Econvillage100

Co-Authored by Dr. Carolin Güssow The global population is around 7.5 billion. Let’s decrease this figure to a symbolic total of eight people living on a patch of fertile ...
Ökonomie im Schlaraffenland

What we can learn from the story of Schlauraffen land about economics

Co-author: Dr. Carolin Güssow. Most of us are familiar with the story of Schlauraffen land. Translated, it is the "land of lazy monkeys" and it describes a fictitious place in a ...