Prof. Dr. Leo

is a Titular Professor of Business Law and Legal Management at the University of St. Gallen. He also is one of the Directors of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law of St. Gallen University where he chairs the division “Law & Management”.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

It is intriguing to see how lawyers answer the question: “Why should clients come to you instead of retaining one of your competitors?” Something like 80% of them say nothing ...

Lawyers as bespoke tailors

The third station on our foray through the most important issues surrounding “client focus” in a law firm is bespoke tailoring. This is about developing solutions for clients.

Client segmentation in the law business

As a rule, lawyers assume that their clients’ requirements and expectations elude standardisation. They believe that each client has to be treated individually in every respect: ...

The client, the unknown entity – understanding client requirements

The second article in my series "Client orientation in law firms" deals with the expectations of our clients. Studies show that not only the legal quality of our services plays a ...

Customer focus – the basics of customer care in law firms

Every law firm would assert that its focus is on its clients. If we put this claim to an acid test, it often turns out to be pretty hollow. More likely, clients are the means for ...
law legal technology concept

The role of technology in the business model of law firms

At present, law firms are being inundated with offers of “innovative” software. There are advertisements of tools intended to revolutionise document automation, document ...
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The art of creating the ideal process model for a law firm

In my last blog post I tried to show the factors which increase complexity in the business model of law firms. Today’s blog post is about reducing complexity and casting the law ...
Stairway to Heaven

Business models for law firms – the curse of complexity

Once the strategy has been established, the next step is to translate it into a working business model. To make sure that this step will be crowned with success, strategies should ...

Strategy is specification!

To be visible and attractive to clients, a law firm must have a profile that distinguishes it from its competitors. However, distinctiveness calls for specification in the major ...

Law firm management – what are the yardsticks against which I can measure the success of my strategy?

Before I start to derive a strategy for the law firm from my vision, it must be clear what demands I place on my strategy. How do I want to measure whether the strategy is indeed ...
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Law firm management – in the beginning is a vision!

“People who have visions should go and see a doctor!” This quotation is attributed to the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who thus responded to Willy Brandt’s ...

Law firm management – what do law firms need a strategy for, and how proficient a swimmer are you?

Why is a strategy necessary, and what does a strategy have to achieve? The answer to the question as to the necessity of a strategy may not be all that obvious. In my last blogs, ...
Millennials at a lake by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

The major trends in the legal market – are the millennials fit for the law business?

Let me take up a last important trend in our business before we deal with the question as to how to build a law firm strategy! This is about the millennials, also called ...
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The major trends in the legal market – more for less!

When I began to advise small- and medium-sized enterprises as a young lawyer in the mid-1980s, it was perfectly customary for a client to retain me without asking any questions ...
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The major trends in the legal market – it’s technology, stupid!

Talking about trends in the legal market and mentioning technology only in the fifth of a series of blogs is, of course, a sacrilege – at least in the view of the many ...
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The major trends in the legal market – Disaggregation

When I started out as a lawyer in the mid-1980s, the typical situation was that a client turned up in my office with a big box full of files and instructed me to solve the problem ...
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The Major Trends in the Legal Market – Liberalisation

Another trend in the market for legal services is often underestimated: the trend towards liberalisation.

The Major Trends in the Legal Market – Globalisation

What does globalisation mean for law firms which provide business law services? ...
Digitalisierung im Rechtsmarkt

Digitisation in the law firm business – hype or here to stay?

I’ve stopped counting the conferences on digitisation in the legal market. It feels as if at least two dozen such conferences took place in the German-speaking area alone in ...