11. December 2017

Law & Management graduation ceremony – Congratulations

On 17 November 2017, 86 graduates received their diploma or certificate for the successful completion of their executive education in Law & Management.

Once a year, the Law & Management area of the Executive School (ES-HSG) organizes a joint graduation ceremony on a large scale to honour the graduates from the various executive education fields throughout the year. Thanks to the modular design, the courses offer the highest flexibility for individual executive education, with graduates completing their executive education in practically every module. This year, the graduation ceremony took place on 17 November 2017 on the Executive Campus.

We are delighted that in 2017 we were able to present a total of 86 graduates with their diploma (DAS) or certificate (CAS) to mark the successful completion of their executive education. The number of graduates was as follows this year:

  • Certified Global Negotiator (CGN-HSG): 24 certificates
  • Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG): 13 diplomas and 5 certificates
  • Wirtschaftsrecht für Manager (WRM-HSG; Business Law for Managers): 1 Executive Master, 6 diplomas and 3 certificates
  • Compliance Management (CM-HSG): 34 certificates

The graduates arrived punctually, in formal attire and in the best of moods at the Holzweid executive education centre in the late afternoon. For everyone, the event signified a “homecoming, meeting old friends, making new friends and simply having fun”.

The guests were ceremonially and warmly welcomed by the academic head of the programmes, Prof. Dr. Leo Staub, and his Law & Management team. This year’s guest speaker was Prof. Simon Evenett, Academic Director of the MBA programme at the University of St.Gallen, Professor for International Trade and Economic Development and an expert in trade policy and strategies in the USA, EU and China. As someone with excellent knowledge of the UK, he delivered interesting insights into the subject of Brexit with exciting information and food for thought, in a previously unfamiliar format, that are of particular significance for Switzerland too.

Key Note Speach Prof. Simon Evenett
Key Note Speach Prof. Simon Evenett

The festivities were accompanied by the cheerful musical duo Sonnenschein, made up of Madeleine Rechsteiner (vocals) and Leo Staub (guitar and vocals). The short, moving speeches by four participants from the individual courses, who gave an insight into the course days and what was learned at each of them, lent the event an unmistakeable personal note. The President of the LaMa association (Law & Management), Dr. Christine Hehli Hidber, congratulated the graduates on behalf of the board on their successfully completed executive education, demonstrated the advantages of the alumni network on offer, and also provided a review of previous activities and a look ahead to newly planned activities.

Musikalische Untermalung durch Prof. Leo Staub
Musikalische Untermalung durch Prof. Leo Staub

After the ceremonial part, there was a hearty and mouth-watering buffet lunch, which provided another opportunity for the graduates to interact. The ceremony was concluded with a magic show by Roland Meister, who is also a new CGN graduate. Anyone who thought the celebrations were then at an end was mistaken: the graduates showed that they were not only good at working and learning, but could also party hard. Almost half of them moved on to an after-party in a trendy club in St.Gallen, where the last of them continued partying until 4.30 a.m.! We call this a well-deserved and also crowning and befitting conclusion to a graduation ceremony!

We would once more like to congratulate all 2017 Law & Management graduates!

About the author
Tanja Widemann is office manager at the programme area Law & Management and director of the programme Certified Global Negotiatior.