Every Crisis Offers Opportunities!

In addition to the health challenge, the corona crisis also confronts us with fundamental economic problems. Companies can act now to emerge from this crisis successfully. We from the Custom Team at the University of St.Gallen advise and support them holistically and individually.

The Custom Team are working intensely on proposals as to how companies can be effectively supported in tackling the crisis. With conviction, leaders can take control of this crisis and here is how. Introducing our offensive based approach ‘BRIDGE – TRANSLATE – BROADEN & BUILD’.

‘BRIDGE’ is the means by which we postpone an existing residential learning journey, while offering succinct virtual touchpoints.

‘TRANSLATE’ describes how existing training modules are transformed into a full distance format. In a basic form, a full day of training is converted into smaller (two hours max) digital exposures. Flexibly scheduled and offered in a highly engaging variety of formats, these interventions allow for strong interaction. Concurrently, our training formats address the challenges of a home office setting (issues with maintaining concentration, slower turnaround times, providing for childcare and so forth).

‘BROADEN & BUILD’ robustly prepares for longer term impact, accelerating your organisation beyond the crisis. As a decision-maker, you are now facing completely different issues. Being a thought leader, Custom Programs have identified the critical areas propelling highly performing organizations:

Strength First & Conflict Resolution in the Private Field

Human contact in decentralised times, physical and mental training can be enhanced in various ways, for example with the help of joint indoor sports activities, apps for virtual lunch partners, virtual after-work aperitifs, etc. Apart from professional challenges, the family situation is often tense – we provide trained professionals as confidential contact persons.

Urgent Problem Solving & Company Conflict Resolution

“How do we keep the business going?” is probably the dominant managerial question right now. This is where our institutes and practitioners from the business world can find sparring partners for their individual questions in challenges such as supply Chain, Operations, Logistics, Financials, etc. The Custom Programs Team is happy to serve as a single point of contact.

Keeping Momentum & Engaging People

If many companies wanted to increase their innovative ability before the crisis, they can now do so – on the job: With organizational campaigns and challenges in the context of current business challenges, they can increase motivation so that employees are more willing to find solutions and show creativity despite less control.

Preparing the Future

Preparing the future gives companies the opportunity to prepare for the time after the crisis and to learn and apply new things. For example, Ecosystem-Management Online Retreat for decision-makers and Digital Readiness Online Initiative for Senior Business Leaders are forward-looking journeys for managers who strive to be stronger after the crisis.

The team of custom programs at the University of St.Gallen supports you in crisis management and helps your company to become a crisis winner.

About the author
Christian Sauerbrey
In den Aufgabenbereichen Business Development und Coaching an der Executive School of Management, Technology and Law der Universität St.Gallen (ES-HSG) sorgt Christian Sauerbrey für den Ausbau der Kundenbeziehungen und die Erweiterung des Produkteportfolios. Im Vordergrund stehen hierbei die Erhöhung des Outputs rund um das Thema „Lernen" sowie der Weiterentwicklung des Custom Programme-Ansatzes an sich. Als Coach unterstützt er unsere Kunden im Rahmen des „Executive Sparrings" das Erlernte unter Beachtung ihrer individuellen persönlichen und organisationalen Rahmenbedingungen effektiv umzusetzen. Nach dem Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre war Herr Sauerbrey in einer Unternehmensberatung tätig. In seiner Arbeit für mittelständische Unternehmen und Konzerne standen die Themen Changemanagement und Organisationsentwicklung im Vordergrund. Herr Sauerbrey verfügt über diverse Aus- und Weiterbildungen in der Organisations- und Personalentwicklung und hat in diesen Funktionen zahlreiche Mandate (als Moderater, Trainer, Coach) betreut.