17. May 2018

Globalisation and the 300 of Sparta

The Executive School of the University of St. Gallen just launched the Spotlights webinar series, where current themes are brought to the public in an interactive manner.

This Tuesday the Executive School’s Dean Winfried Ruigrok held a webinar about the Future of Globalisation to a crowd of around 300 people. Globalisation is an old topic, whose public interest waxes and wanes with the fortunes of the people and nations affected by it. Right now it is experiences a revival due to the new protectionist agenda of the USA and many other countries around the globe.

Dean Winfried Ruigrok has dedicated his career to studying international management. This positions him in the center of the globalisation arena, with the markets and companies that fight for it. Like the courageous greeks of old, globalisation seems to be set into a corner, having few defenders on its side. Once the western world defended it and the developing countries criticized it, now these roles are often reversed . Dean Winfried Ruigrok’s told participants that globalisation is still an ongoing process. It has not decreased even in the face of the lastest protectionist regulations. In fact it has led business to specialize more and more on either being truly international in their scope, or truly local. Middle-ground companies have been disappearing, forced to go in one or the other direction.

These were but a few aspects which the Dean could present and later discuss with participants, who could pose their own questions as well. The next ES Webinar will be held in German and deal with the theme Diversity Management, register here.


Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash


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About the author
Julio Prina supports the Executive School at the University of St. Gallen in all themes digital, be it Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence or E-Learning.