11. December 2018

Immerse yourself in a WRM-HSG module week – Fiscal Law

In our capacity as the University of St.Gallen’s Executive School, we organise countless executive education programmes with a wide range of topics. Our field, Law & Management, offers six different programmes. Our two main programmes are addressed to both lawyers and non-lawyers: to lawyers who want to acquire more knowledge of business administration in the form of the Management of the Legal Profession MLP-HSG programme, and to non-lawyers who want to acquire more knowledge of legal issues in the form of the Business Law for Managers WRM-HSG programme.

In October 2018, we ran the WRM-HSG modules on fiscal law on the Executive Campus HSG in St.Gallen. On Monday morning at 9.00 a.m., we all started the module week with a welcoming coffee. Everybody was highly motivated and looking forward to an exciting and instructive week.

The main teacher, Dr. Raoul Stocker, welcomed the class at 9.30 a.m. and provided them with a brief overview of what would be awaiting them in the course of the week. Shortly afterwards, he launched into the first issues which he personally wanted to work on with the participants. Besides the main teachers, thirteen other faculty members made their appearance during the following five days.

By Monday evening at 6.00 p.m., most of the participants had been made rather tired by the great deal of information they had had to digest during the first day, and they left for home or their hotel in order to rest. Many of them also used the evenings in order to revise and consolidate what they had learnt during the day.

On all the further days of the week, we started at 8.30 a.m. Tuesday was a special day since we had our social event that evening. We organise an evening event in every module, at which participants are able to get to know each other better and to extend their networks. These great evenings always fit in with the season – in the summer, we’re often attracted by the lake, where we practise sailing; sometimes we go climbing, pay a visit to the Casino in St.Gallen, organise a guided tour of the city or simply enjoy a fondue in a winter wonderland atmosphere together. What is certain is that the social event is always the highlight of the week. This week, the Weinstein wine store acquainted us with a selection of high-quality Swiss wines. The tasting session was exciting and informative. The cold platter that we enjoyed with this went excellently with the wines. The social event is important for group cohesion since participants are able to choose our modules with a high degree of flexibility. In every module, new participants are allowed to start with their CAS, DAS or Executive Master’s certificates, which results in a situation whereby there are experienced and new participants in every module. This provides them with an opportunity to see acquaintances again but also enables them to make new friends and to establish new contacts.

On Monday and Tuesday, after participants had dealt with a detailed overview of the Swiss tax system, value added tax and tariffs, as well as international and intercantonal tax law, Wednesday consisted of various topics such as the reconfiguration of companies, information about the Tax Bill 17, the management of a tax law firm, and tax accounting. Thursday homed in on M&A, and contained a guest lecture by Economiesuisse and a case study about international transfer prices. Despite the great number of topics and the large volume of information, participants were constantly hard at work and satisfied. Another contribution to this satisfaction was, of course, the excellent catering by the SV Service on the Executive Campus HSG. During the breaks, participants were treated to delicious snacks, coffee, juices and other beverages. Lunch didn’t leave anything to be desired either, since participants were able to choose from a cold and warm buffet. As a consequence, most of them had eaten too much and complained about extra weight at the end of the week – a complaint we were pleased to receive. 😊

Executive School Programmes:
Law & Management

Business Law for Managers

The most important areas of business law simply explained to non-lawyers.

I would also like to say a few things about the faculty and use this opportunity to repeat my thank you for the great commitment of all faculty members who were involved. They passed on a great deal of knowledge, debated a wide variety of cases and conducted interesting discussions. Several teachers described the class as very interactive and eager to learn, which pleased us greatly. In the breaks, participants had an opportunity to discuss any questions with the teacher concerned. Many faculty members are also available to answer questions after their lectures. In addition, we provide participants with an opportunity to assess all the faculty members, the organisation and the module in general. This helps us to improve and adapt the modules on a continual basis.

On Friday, the module was concluded with a final one-hour examination. This written test, which was conducted according to the “open book” principle, provided participants with an opportunity to put down on paper what they had learnt during the week. This examination concludes every module on the Friday afternoon, and participants can start from square one in the next module without being expected to have any knowledge from previous modules.

After the examination, everyone said good-bye and started their weekends relieved and happy, with one or the other of the participants already looking forward to their next WRM-HSG course module in the friendly and motivating atmosphere of the University of St.Gallen.


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