Employee management: From talent to leadership

In today's working world, new skills are in high demand. Coaches are needed instead of authorities. Managers should develop people instead of using them. How do companies make the ...

A lack of confidence requires active support

The concept of confidence invites a broad range of interpretations and constitutes an undefined, yet important state one strives to attain personally and professionally.

Equipping the next generation of female physicians

Say the word “doctor” or “surgeon” and many people still think of a man in a white coat. Yet did you know that since 2005, women have constituted more than half of all ...

Non-linear career paths as an asset in recruitment

What are the most important skills of the future and how do I recruit the best employees today to be ready for the business challenges of tomorrow? Which skills make a team ...
Job interview

How to bypass the AI recruitment tool

What does the ideal career look like for you? Perhaps entering the workforce, gaining experience, and then taking on a leadership role between 30 and 40? That's what the ideal ...

The Power of Networking in the Pursuit of Gender Equality

Women continue to be under-represented in leadership positions and there are many reasons for this. On one hand, companies could take targeted measures to advance gender equality.