Online Teaching

Financial management has to be learned – even in Corona times

Online teaching opens up new possibilities for the Executive MBA HSG in Business Engineering (EMBE). For example, Prof. Dr. Dirk Schäfer introduced a new format into his ...

Odd Trends in Digital Transformation in 2020

We change devices, we change platforms, we change workplaces... and the digital transformation accompanies us on every single step of this journey! ...
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Is LegalTech transforming legal services?

We read almost every day about FinTech changing the finance sector, BioTech changing the way medicine and pharmaceuticals operate, RegTech reshaping audit and regulatory ...
Autonomous driving

What did we learn from a recent Credit Suisse expert panel discussion?

Gerard Neiditsch, LegalTech Strategy Consultant at the Executive School – University of St.Gallen with over 30 years CIO and management consulting experience at major global law ...
Two children enjoying their own home-made virtual reality. Picture: RichVintage on Istockphotos

Virtual, Augmented, Visual Realities: LearnTEC 2018

The Executive School of the University of St. Gallen went to the biggest European digital learning fair: LearnTEC.
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The leveling uses of e-learning

E-Learning proparatory modules can be a great help to courses with a very heterogeneous student composition. By assessing and improving upon participants' needed skills, teachers ...