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Why managers need to understand AI

In an AI project, there are several decisions that have a significant influence on the business` result. These should not be left exclusively to data specialists. Executives need ...

Are you already investing in Artificial Intelligence?

The field of artificial intelligence has developed enormously over the last ten years. However, studies confirm that managers often lack of understanding basic concepts of machine ...

How An MBA In Switzerland Can Unlock A Wealth Of Careers — From Luxury To Retail

Switzerland has long been associated as a go-to destination for traditional MBA careers in finance but there’s much more to studying in Switzerland than that.
Data Protection

Why do Swiss companies need a data protection officer?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May 2018 and regulates the data protection practices of any companies which deal with all personal data of ...
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Relationship of trust with lawyers obsolescent?

The relationship of trust with one’s lawyer – often invoked and misunderstood. But precisely this relationship could provide the basis for a business strategy enabling a law ...
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The art of creating the ideal process model for a law firm

In my last blog post I tried to show the factors which increase complexity in the business model of law firms. Today’s blog post is about reducing complexity and casting the law ...