Do you want to fail?

How to engage startups in sensible projects, like governmental ones, where risk is not to be taken lightly? And what does that have to do with creating a Silicon Valley in the ...

Web Summit 2018

The Executive School visited this year's Web Summit in Portugal to stay on pulse about Technology and its repercussions in politics, ethics and business.
Mobile Payment

“Mobile payment” favours indebtedness

Innovative payment methods with smartphones such as Twint, Apple Pay or Google Pay simplify making payments. The probability of overspending increases and so does the risk of ...
HSG Biberli

Corporate Counsel’s Day 2018

Last week’s Corporate Counsel’s Day focused on innovation and digitalization in legal departments. A line-up of twelve speakers from the UK, Germany and Switzerland openly ...
Food on black background

Machine Learning – the possibility of prediction

As foreshadowed in "Message from a Digital Native", this blog post is now about machine learning since I wasn’t satisfied with merely having to hear and read the term everywhere ...
Little child girl in a pilot's costume is playing and dreaming of flying over the clouds. Portrait of funny kid on a background of bright blue wall with yellow stars and white clouds

Law firm management – in the beginning is a vision!

“People who have visions should go and see a doctor!” This quotation is attributed to the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who thus responded to Willy Brandt’s ...