The Power of Networking in the Pursuit of Gender Equality

Women continue to be under-represented in leadership positions and there are many reasons for this. On one hand, companies could take targeted measures to advance gender equality.
Frau und Mann

And yet there is progress in gender equality

50 years ago, women in Switzerland finally received the long-awaited right to vote. I have lived and worked in Switzerland for more than 30 years and one of my main areas is ...

Who cares?

The Corona crisis is changing the way we look at what we take for granted. Some things are becoming more visible, more prominent. For example, the paid care work in hospitals, ...

One year of salary analysis – what’s next?

Do women in Switzerland earn the same as their male colleagues in comparable positions and qualifications? National statistics say: No. But your internal company statistics may ...

How to deal with unconscious biases in human resources decisions

Managers and HR processes are decisive when it comes to new hires, promotions, salaries, further education and team composition. At the same time, human decision-making is prone ...

Specialisation – an occupational risk or even a trap?

Experts’ desire to specialise is easy to understand. In my view, however, it is bound to lead to a situation whereby it is easier to compare experts with their competitors and ...