Cyber Security

Implementation Challenges of the GDPR

This is the second blog in our series on Data Protection, following the article explaining the need for Swiss enterprises to establish a Data Protection Team.
man with bowler with cloud over his head

No name, no age, no photo – Are anonymised applications beneficial?

Job ads for sought-after positions can easily generate over 100 applications. HR departments are required to put together a pool of interesting applicants within a very short ...

A successful fashion designer started a family and changed her life. After taking a career break, she made a new start by creating a foundation.

Anita Winter is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors and a graduate of the Women Back to Business programme. The WBB programme was pure inspiration for her and an incomparable ...
Data Protection

Why do Swiss companies need a data protection officer?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May 2018 and regulates the data protection practices of any companies which deal with all personal data of ...
1000 Noten

Why is the 1,000-franc note so popular?

While in the euro zone the note with the highest nominal value (500 euro note) will no longer be issued from the end of April 2019, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is currently ...
WBZ Kuppel

From Internship to Permanent Position

Katja Rehlen came upon the Women Back to Business (WBB) programme while conducting online research. During her participation in the programme, she completed an internship at ...