Push in companies through forced digitalization

Interview with Prof. Ivo Blohm on "More digitization, less globalisation? An insight into practice.

Odd Trends in Digital Transformation in 2020

We change devices, we change platforms, we change workplaces... and the digital transformation accompanies us on every single step of this journey! ...

Responsible use of data in the age of IoT (Internet of Things)

European data protection law grants privacy rights to the individuals in particular with regard to to their personal data, such as the right to information, to request access, ...
Web Summit 2019

The problem is not Data Protection, it is Data Collection! – Web Summit 2019

To keep up with the newest trends in the world of tech, sustainability and business, the Executive School of the University St. Gallen attended the Web Summit 2019. Here you can ...

Alumni Stories: Katia Lang, Founder and CEO of The Fintech Times

We recently met with Class of 2014 alumna Katia Lang to learn more about her journey as an entrepreneur. Katia is Founder and CEO of London-based publication The Fintech Times.
Father and son working under broken car together. source: istockphoto

What shall I do if LegalTech goes mainstream in the enterprise legal services market?

For the past decade we have heard that LegalTech will reshape - or more sensationally revolutionise - the way legal services are procured, priced, executed and evaluated by ...