Woman in a dress in front of a concrete wall by Charlee Deets on Unsplash

A new website – the long way that has been worth it

Mission accomplished! Or not, after all? I think that nowadays, a good corporate homepage has to be checked on an almost daily basis and that adaptations are always required.
Castle Vaduz, Vaduz, Liechtenstein by Henrique Ferreira

Level-headed Digitalization

Disruption, Turmoil and the end of all that is. Typical words to describe digitalization. Meanwhile a more sober approach was presented last Wednesday during Liechtensteins ...
Ausgangslage Econvillage by Corinne Bromundt

The history of Econvillage and Econvillage100

Co-Authored by Dr. Carolin Güssow The global population is around 7.5 billion. Let’s decrease this figure to a symbolic total of eight people living on a patch of fertile ...
Robot with Ipad. By Alex Knight on Unsplash.

LegalTech: make, buy or borrow?

Gerard Neiditsch, LegalTech Strategy Consultant at the Executive School – University of St.Gallen with over 25 years CIO experience at major global law firms, talks about the ...
Skyline looking up, By Scott Webb on Unsplash

The major trends in the legal market – Disaggregation

When I started out as a lawyer in the mid-1980s, the typical situation was that a client turned up in my office with a big box full of files and instructed me to solve the problem ...
Abschlussklasse der DAV Trainer am 1. März 2018

Pilot concept for modern law firm management for small law firms

For reasons of time or financial resources, small law firms often lack the opportunity to acquire an extensive knowledge of modern law firm management or to discuss this issue ...

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