Rainmaker, Kundenbindung, Mann unter Regenschirm

Client retention hampered by decreasing client loyalty

Let me bust three myths today: (1) Successful lawyers are primarily dealmakers and thus do not depend on the cultivation of relationships. (2) The most important partners in a law ...

The COVID-19 challenge is a human capital challenge

The COVID-19 crisis poses a dramatic strategic leadership challenge and a triple hurdle to most managers and executives.

The Corona crisis: a turning point in continuing education?

In recent weeks, continuing education providers have had to throw a lot of things overboard and change their teaching methods. A lot of creative energy has been released, new ...

The legal market post-corona

The first easements of the lockdown have started. What will life after corona look like? We asked Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello for an assessment of the post-corona legal market.

Top sharing: “We had to win them over”

Top sharing models still lead a “wallflower existence”. Wrongfully so. Evelyne Meyer and Adrian Schüpbach from Credit Suisse explain in an interview why such models can be a ...

Agile leadership in New Work – The role of leadership must be rethought for the near future.

Organisations have to stand the tests of globalisation, digital transformation and the competition for talents in order to be able to survive. At a social and cultural level, the ...

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