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Is LegalTech transforming legal services?

We read almost every day about FinTech changing the finance sector, BioTech changing the way medicine and pharmaceuticals operate, RegTech reshaping audit and regulatory ...

Lawyers as bespoke tailors

The third station on our foray through the most important issues surrounding “client focus” in a law firm is bespoke tailoring. This is about developing solutions for clients.

Client segmentation in the law business

As a rule, lawyers assume that their clients’ requirements and expectations elude standardisation. They believe that each client has to be treated individually in every respect: ...

Alumni Stories: Katia Lang, Founder and CEO of The Fintech Times

We recently met with Class of 2014 alumna Katia Lang to learn more about her journey as an entrepreneur. Katia is Founder and CEO of London-based publication The Fintech Times.

Towards fair and adequate rankings

Over the past fifteen years, rankings have become a ubiquitous and often uncomfortable phenomenon of business school life. The surge of rankings has led to strong reactions. Some ...

Digitalisation does not lead to political upheaval

The formation of public opinion in Switzerland cannot be manipulated with the help of digitalisation. The federal structure and the complexity of gathering information make it ...

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