27. November 2017


Digital transformation now poses questions beyond technology and management. Ethical and behavioural challenges join the thriving field. In Irresistible, Adam Alter dives into the connection between addiction and digitalization, what this means for us, and for how we develop and handle technology.

Irresistible is a fascinating trip through the common denominator between the world of drugs, sweets, marathon running and gaming: addiction. Adam Alter starts his book with an in-depth analysis of what current scientific studies consider addictive behaviour and its development and maintenance.
The author sheds light on quite a few misconceptions about addiction. Many of those are still quite ingrained in society’s understanding of addicted people, and why the end up so. Adam Alter then shoots with his daring affirmation: we are all addicts nowadays, addicts to a technology which is built this way and meant to keep us so.
Irresistible then goes on to study how the technology industry makes use of all main addictive strategies with its customers. He targets the gaming industry as a best-practice example of constructed addiction. The mobile phone industry has also its moments.
This book is a gem for people on both sides of the equation. On one hand each teaches about ways to deal with the addictive mechanisms thrown daily at us. On the other hand it works as a recipe book for building addictive behaviour into your business, whatever the ethical implications.