19. February 2018

Young women don’t want to work in the financial sector

But why? A survey-based study sought to answer this question.

The survey was conducted with over 1100 students in economics and business studies (bachelor, master, and MBA levels) at three universities in the German-speaking region. Nearly half the survey participants were female.

Male-dominated and hardly family-friendly: Almost half of the female students surveyed indicated that they don’t feel comfortable, when their gender is strongly underrepresented in the company they work for. Furthermore, companies in the finanicial sector were assessed as rather family-unfriendly.

Not compatible with personal values: According to the survey results, it is significantly more important for women than for men that their job requirements correspond to their own ideas of morality. More female students than male assume that the financial sector does not offer this kind of compatibility.

Highly competitive: Almost 99 percent of those surveyed feel that jobs in the financial sector are characterized by competition. Seventy-six percent of the male students surveyed would like to work in this kind of environment, as opposed to only 50 percent of the female students. Teamwork is more important to the women than the men surveyed – and the financial sector was deemed less characterized by this trait.

Work not exciting or unsuitable: Most of the students assume that quantitative skills are important for a position at an investment company – and young women believe more often than young men that they’re not good in this area. Most of the female students surveyed would generally like to work in the marketing or HR department of a company, while the male students prefer portfolio management best.

Employers in the financial sector would do well to credibly demonstrate and communicate that team spirit, diversity and the adherence to moral standards are central elements of work in the financial sector. And to make efforts towards this as well!

Read the entire study „Fearless Girls?“
The study was carried out by the Karrierenetzwerk Fondsfrauen and the University of Mannheim and was presented on 23 January 2018 at the Fondsfrauen-Gipfel.


Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash


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