11. Juli 2017

Wärmender Jazz-Punsch

Märkte sind allgegenwärtig. Es vergeht kein Tag, an dem wir nicht etwas kaufen (und damit jemand verkauf). Wir erfüllen jeden Tag ein Arbeitsverhältnis und verdienen Geld.

Bildunterschrift und © Quelle 2017. Ein paar Worte zum Playlist-Cover Foto des Monats.

Bei bitterer Kälte hilft Saxophon am besten.

Conceptually and musically, Winter Jazzfest pushes the genre forward. The event is a yearly retort to the story of jazz told as old growth woodland. Fresh blades of creativity live here and grow in the canopy of the music’s history. New ambition and a strident transformation is the chief attraction.

The Winter Jazzfest lineup reminds us there are people working hard and creating challenging, joyous and diverse music and plenty who want to see it happen. WJF also helped us prepare politically and emotionally for the coming Trump years by declaring a theme of social justice that permeated its literature and testimonials from its artists.